Female Hypnosis – Everything You Need to Know

Female hypnosis or feminization hypnosis has been getting a lot of attention lately and has been incredibly popular especially amongst the world of transvestites, transgendered or transsexuals because it has been helping them build and strengthen the essence of being a woman that is trapped in a male body.

Female hypnosis, just like any kind of hypnosis, seeks to help the patient achieve a certain state. In female hypnosis, psychological barriers are broken down so that the woman trapped in a man’s body can truly come out. If surgery can change the physical appearance of a man, female hypnosis alters or changes the psychological factors or obstacles of being a man. These psychological obstacles include those that prevent a man from truly believing that it is okay and natural for him to believe what he believes, and do what he wants to do to bring out the woman in him.

How does female hypnosis work exactly? Just like any other type of hypnosis, the patient will go through a session with a therapist, or a recorded hypnosis session, to get the patient into a relaxed state. Once in a hypnotic or relaxed state, the therapist will use either his or her voice or images to start the hypnosis process. The main purpose of female hypnosis is to help the patient how to think, feel, and act like a woman. It can be quite hard to learn and adopt the subtle mannerisms that a woman has if one has lived as a man all his life. By undergoing female hypnosis, the patient will be able to understand and live these mannerisms out. It helps the patient break free from his past and start a whole new life as a woman. This type of hypnosis usually takes several sessions for the effects to last.

In feminization hypnosis, the process is usually broken down into several parts. The patient is first instructed to relax by either gazing into a moving spiral or any spot so that he or she will eventually be in a deep trance. The trance is then combined with deep breathing to ensure that the patient will be fully relaxed. After achieving a relaxed state, it is important that the mind is clear from all blocks such as guilt and fear. All anxieties, doubts, troubles, and any other obstacle must be drained away so that the energy will remain positive and hypnosis will be able to work properly. Once these mental blocks are taken away, the desire to be feminine will be strengthened so that the feminization of the mind and the body can begin. The patient is instilled with how to project a feminine aura and confidence. He is made to believe in himself that he is capable of being and projecting a feminine confidence. Once the feminization of the mind is done, feminization of the body follows. This part of female hypnosis helps the patient to achieve a more feminine body and lifestyle tackling the ways on how to appear more woman-like physically.