Say Hello to EVATAR, a Mini Female Reproductive System on a 3D Chip

You might have noticed two unlinked things here in the title of the article. First, EVATAR. You must be thinking if it’s the sequel of AVATAR. But wait. It’s not. Now coming to the second on: A mini female reproductive system on a 3D chip. If you are assuming that it’s a plot of a science fiction, you would be wrong again.

It’s all about a new age technology that can generate artificial organs on 3D chips. EVATAR is a functioning mini female reproductive system on a 3D microfluidic chip. The model has all the essential elements of a female reproductive system including menstrual cycle. Yes, you read it right. The 3D chip is made of small boxes. And each box performs an equal important role in recreating a female reproductive system effectively. These boxes form fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, vagina, and uterus, just like an adult woman’s reproductive system.

Scientists have used human stem cells to create the tissues of EVATAR, except for the ovaries, where stem cells from mouse were used. All the mini organs are linked with each other by mini tubes and pumps. Pumps play a significant role in stimulating blood flow and eventually making the reproductive system complete. The scientists have also added certain hormones in the model in order to stimulate the ovaries to create the estrogen and progesterone hormones. The idea is to release an egg.

Now you must be thinking what these scientists were thinking when they ideated such a tool! Actually, they planned to use this model as a personalized device to understand critical feminine diseases, associated with the reproductive system. They also wanted to determine the effectiveness of clinically available drugs to treat these diseases. Apart from that, with EVATAR they would also be able to find out why a certain drug acts differently on different people.

Many scientists have previously pointed out that lesser accessibility to human organs is one of the main reasons that we have limited scope to treat a critical disease. And this is true for many diseases and disorders. Teresa Woodruff, the lead author on the study at Northwestern University explained, “If I had your stem cells and created a heart, liver, lung and an ovary, I could test 10 different drugs at 10 different doses on you and say, ‘Here’s the drug that will help your Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or diabetes. It’s the ultimate personalized medicine, a model of your body for testing drugs.”

EVATAR is a part of a larger project conducted by the National Institutes of Health. The aim is to develop a “body-on-a-chip” model. The objective behind creating EVATAR is to build personalized models of female reproductive system that will help researchers understand conditions like infertility, ovarian cancer, fibroids, endometriosis etc. The team is now working on recreating a male reproductive system on a 3D chip. And they would call it ADATAR, which is also a part of the National Institutes of Health project. The idea is to study both these models and figure out differences in drug metabolism between women and men.

Female Hypnosis – Everything You Need to Know

Female hypnosis or feminization hypnosis has been getting a lot of attention lately and has been incredibly popular especially amongst the world of transvestites, transgendered or transsexuals because it has been helping them build and strengthen the essence of being a woman that is trapped in a male body.

Female hypnosis, just like any kind of hypnosis, seeks to help the patient achieve a certain state. In female hypnosis, psychological barriers are broken down so that the woman trapped in a man’s body can truly come out. If surgery can change the physical appearance of a man, female hypnosis alters or changes the psychological factors or obstacles of being a man. These psychological obstacles include those that prevent a man from truly believing that it is okay and natural for him to believe what he believes, and do what he wants to do to bring out the woman in him.

How does female hypnosis work exactly? Just like any other type of hypnosis, the patient will go through a session with a therapist, or a recorded hypnosis session, to get the patient into a relaxed state. Once in a hypnotic or relaxed state, the therapist will use either his or her voice or images to start the hypnosis process. The main purpose of female hypnosis is to help the patient how to think, feel, and act like a woman. It can be quite hard to learn and adopt the subtle mannerisms that a woman has if one has lived as a man all his life. By undergoing female hypnosis, the patient will be able to understand and live these mannerisms out. It helps the patient break free from his past and start a whole new life as a woman. This type of hypnosis usually takes several sessions for the effects to last.

In feminization hypnosis, the process is usually broken down into several parts. The patient is first instructed to relax by either gazing into a moving spiral or any spot so that he or she will eventually be in a deep trance. The trance is then combined with deep breathing to ensure that the patient will be fully relaxed. After achieving a relaxed state, it is important that the mind is clear from all blocks such as guilt and fear. All anxieties, doubts, troubles, and any other obstacle must be drained away so that the energy will remain positive and hypnosis will be able to work properly. Once these mental blocks are taken away, the desire to be feminine will be strengthened so that the feminization of the mind and the body can begin. The patient is instilled with how to project a feminine aura and confidence. He is made to believe in himself that he is capable of being and projecting a feminine confidence. Once the feminization of the mind is done, feminization of the body follows. This part of female hypnosis helps the patient to achieve a more feminine body and lifestyle tackling the ways on how to appear more woman-like physically.

The Good Wife – Which Female Character Best Describes Your Abilities at Self-Promotion?

I recently saw a posting on a well-known social media site regarding female self-promotion. As I read through the numerous comments by the various readers, it brought to mind the 2 top female characters on The Good Wife.

1. When Alicia Florrick was first seeking a job with a law firm, she appeared shy and lacking in confidence because she had been out of the workforce for a number of years. And, she was turned down by all the firms where she had applied except for Lockhart/Gardner. When she was hired by that firm, her abilities were questioned by all (even Will Gardner, the managing partner who hired her). However, Will had attended law school with Alicia, knew that she had graduated top of her class, and, was willing to take a chance on her. In that first season, Alicia did not project confidence. You could see it in the way she walked and talked. Her lack of assurance did not lend credibility to her professional abilities. While she had the education, her experience was minimal. Why was she hired? Because Will knew her, liked her, and was hoping for some extra-curricular activity.

2. We then have Diane Lockhart who carries herself with assurance and class. Diane is the other managing partner in the Lockhart/Gardner law firm (until most recently). This woman would have no problem asking for a raise and getting it because she has always placed herself on equal footing with her male colleagues. Her voice is by no means demanding but it is commanding. When Diane speaks, you listen.

Were you to compare yourself – your voice and your presence – to these 2 women, which character would you most closely identify yourself with? A woman who is shy and/or lacking in confidence or a woman who has always considered herself an equal?

If you are soft-spoken, for example, you will not get the promotion or the raise unless you can speak with enough volume to be heard the first time you say it. On the other hand, perhaps you are 40 and sound like a 15-year-old. A childlike voice projects neither confidence nor ability.

The better character with which to identify would be Diane. This woman is sure of herself. She looks and sounds confident and is not threatened by anyone. Her presence exudes this assuredness.

What does your voice say about you and your ability in promoting yourself? If you’re not sure, video-record yourself in a mock interview and study the playback. Then you will know what you need to work on.