How Can A Female Vocalist Be Discovered?

For a female vocalist to be discovered, she must possess the qualities that the audience and music producers love. First, fans love an energetic and very passionate singer. She makes her own good music that people can relate to. She performs well and can move the crowds when she is singing. A female singer that has her own personal style can be easily discovered and can be made famous. Whatever genre she is in, as long as she projects herself well and puts her own personal twist to her song, she is surely going to be loved both by fans and producers. A good vocalist also takes care of herself and does not abuse her body. She is disciplined and knows how to set limits. Fans also love young singers who bring in something new to the table. Young singers are mostly adored by adolescent girls and serve as their role model.

Singers can also use different sources to promote their music. There are many mediums today that female singers use to make their materials heard. If you are looking for a female vocalist, or you want to be discovered, video streaming websites, blogs and music forums can definitely help a lot. These mediums are often utilized by young singers to promote themselves. It is free and easy to use and they get to reach a lot more people. Music video audition tapes and sample songs can be posted in a variety of websites. Look around the internet to find which one can give the best exposure. Singers can also create personal websites. Young singers often have their own sites and you can find everything about them easily. In here, you can view their latest videos and get to know the latest news about them. They also put up a short biography on their websites so you can learn more about them and how they started out. This way, readers can know more about the singer and can become an instant fan. Readers can also find links to their songs and downloadable stuff on these websites.

Female vocalist can also be discovered in contests. Local communities and school conduct singing contests and more often than not, their contestants are good. Big television networks also conduct these kinds of contests and a lot of good singers today were discovered through these shows. If you are a female singer who wants to be discovered, you can join these contests or show by sending audition tapes. Winners of contests usually get their breaks through these opportunities so make sure to do your best. Get a lot of practice and brush up on your looks. If necessary, get a voice and personality coach. Female singers who are veterans in singing competitions are used to singing in front of a lot of people so if you want to do the same, practice a lot. This will help remove nerves in the actual competition.

Another way for a female vocalist to be discovered is through a production or music manager. The manager’s job is to get record labels to accept and to listen to your music. Without a manager, it is most difficult to get in touch with a major recording company. Unless you would want to be signed into an indie label, who are the only ones that accept materials directly from the singers, then a music manager is a must. You can make some calls or research for a reputable manager. Just remember that a good manager does not ask for money up front. He or she will earn by getting a percentage of your earnings when she had signed you up for a recording company. Otherwise, if he asks for fees, then it is a scam.

Getting discovered is the bread and butter of a female vocalist. It can take a lot of work but if she has unmistakable talent, have a good personality and is professional, she need not worry. If you are looking for a new singer or just want to be discovered, those listed above can help a lot. There are female young singers today that are worth discovering. It can be noted that they are passionate in making their own songs as well as in performing. They may be young but they share their own experiences through their music which younger audiences relate to and love. Before you know it, there is a new female vocalist sensation that everybody is crazy about.

Discover the Female Element

Many studies suggest, and psychologists have proven, that women are better communicators, nurturers, and caretakers. Men mostly rule with their intellect, they reason with fewer emotions, and are more controlled in many situations.

However, this is not a psychology paper or medical research study. This is a purely metaphysical look at our differences in the mental; an examination of the female mind.

What does this mean to the meta-physician?

How does this seeming diversity relate to our thoughts and our daily experiences?

Consciousness consists of the male and the female element. When used in mind the elements are also called ‘reason’ and ‘feeling’. The male element or reasoning ability does the analytical chores, while the female element or feeling ability does the nurturing, loving, and reacts emotionally.

We, both men and women, are comprised of both elements. We are male and female; however, we express what we have ‘more of’. I am a woman because I have more female present, and so forth.

The concept of marriage in the mental represents the blending together of the male and female elements in mind. This is not a physical action, but a mental one.

It takes the male and the female elements, knowing and feeling, to create anything. What is made, or appears in the visible world, was conceived in the mental, nurtured by good thoughts, and born through your conclusion or conviction, which is a feeling of certainty. It is an extension of your consciousness.

The birth of a child is the visible expression of this mental process. The visible symbol of earthly marriage is the coming together of a man and woman to create more life. As we explored earlier we are all composed of the male and female elements. We are a complete whole, and we give birth to more wholeness. We are multiplying life into its visible form.

The focal point of our journey is to unfold and gain an understanding of the truth of life and how the creation or birth process works. All else will fall into place naturally.

So how does the male and female element affect our daily lives?

Our thoughts are the creators of our experiences. We can think as many good and right thoughts as we want to, but unless we feel these thoughts as true, we will not manifest our desires. Feeling is the mother of all creation. Giving birth does not only mean giving birth to children to replenish the earth, it means giving birth to ideas and everything that exists in our wonderful realm. Everything you see is a specific idea and was conceived by a thinker. It was not only conceived, but also nurtured and carried in mind until it was time for the idea to be born and manifested into this world. It could only be born if a feeling of certainty, the conviction that ‘it is so’ was reached. This full understanding of the specific idea brought forth the experience, or manifestation.

What makes a woman strong?

I’d like to point out why being the mother or feeling/ female element is most important. Our children are thought children or ideas, as mentioned earlier. Babies born, reflect life’s urge to express more of itself, which could not be done without the feeling/ female element. The idea of birth would be trapped, just sitting there as an idea in mind conceived by reason or the male element.

The reflection or picture in the material world shows forth as the male being equipped, yet trapped, with all if his potential. However, he would not be able to produce more life of his own. Reason, thoughts, potential, the male comes first, the feeling of certainty or conception and the creation of all, including more life, comes second. This process clearly shows that life consists of both, male and female (elements) as neither could produce without the other.

A baby’s sex is determined at the point of conception, depending on the dominant mental element present. This is a progressive idea and most likely will meet with some resistance. But I have observed this concept over many years. When I first read about this discovery I was pregnant myself and I was not surprised that we produced a son. The theory is that if the parents are more on the analytical side they conceive a boy child, but if the parents imbue more feelings, the child conceived is most likely a girl. This is also the reason that most ‘planned’ children are male and most surprises, conceived with lots of emotions, are females. Again, these are metaphysical theories and not backed up with medical studies.

A word of advice and loving guidance:

God, Universal Intelligence, created all things from within. They are not created from nor are they of the material world. All creatures and things stem from this godly source and are projected out into the visible world. However, the substance of you, us, and all things remain of Universal Intelligence and are of mental origin.

In my world, there is only me and my sense of me. In your world, there is only you and your sense of you. No one knows how you feel and what you think deep down in your heart, not even your family or closest friends. Your feelings, emotions, and thoughts are your own; they are your secret.

I therefore ask of you, don’t see yourself as being a man or woman. Don’t buy into being black or white, or whatever color your skin exhibits. Do not think that your sexual orientation is who you are. Do not use the country of your birth as your identity.

All of these are only perceptions. They label you to act one way or another. See yourself as a mentality, a soul. Free yourself of the sense of racial, cultural, and sexual limitation. Act as the free Spirit you are. Your soul does not have a specific color or race; it is not only a man or a woman. It contains all.

Recruiting Female Agents Has Its Benefits

Top 3 Reasons to Recruit Women:

1. Successful Interactions: Females are able to relate to other female clients and prospects, making it easier to understand their unique needs.

2. Strong Contacts: Women typically have a base of contacts, either within their former professions or within their communities. This can assist them in building solid practices.

3. Popular Demand: With so many agencies – small and large – targeting female agents, woman investors now have a choice to do business with an insurance company who meets their needs. If you’re not meeting the need, you’re losing business to a competitor that is.

Danica Patrick did it. Hilary Clinton did it. And now droves of females in the financial services industry are doing it – succeeding in what was once a man’s world. As this male-dominated industry continues to change, so do those who represent it.

Recruit: Magnetic Attraction
Despite female representation dwarfing in comparison to its male counterpart, the number of female insurance agents continues to grow year after year. In fact, several large financial firms are creating recruiting campaigns and initiatives based around attracting women .

The approach to recruit, support and retain female agents is evolving. More financial institutions are recognizing females as prime candidates. So much so that companies are competing for female talent. In order to stay competitive with its forward-thinking counterparts, companies must recruit and advance women. “Not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s the smart thing to do, given the continuing emergence of women as a powerful economic force,” said Heidi Spilotros, Director of Women’s Recruiting for MassMutual. “It’s also increasingly important for financial services companies to better understand women as prospects and clients, in order to serve this important market segment well.”

MassMutual has been a pioneer in recruiting, retaining and helping females to succeed. But in order to help these individuals do well, you must first understand their needs and motivations. Perhaps no one is more familiar with what female agents desire than Spilotros, as she appreciates the innate need to achieve the ever-illusive work and family life balancing act. She traveled the nation – during her eighth month of pregnancy – to gain a better understanding of what women want.

MassMutual has been able to effectively attract female agents by emphasizing the positive attributes of a career as a financial services professional, specifically the challenge, entrepreneurial spirit, financial and personal rewards and flexibility. This top insurance company is so in tune with these needs that MassMutual was named a Working Mother’s 100 Best Company by Working Mother Magazine in 2007.

While the financial services industry has made several strides in recent years as it relates to female candidates, progress has not penetrated throughout all organizations. According to Geoff Kaltenbach, Associate Managing Partner for Signature Resources in Irvine, CA, the insurance industry has not been successful in these arenas compared to other trades, such as pharmaceutical sales.

Kaltenbach’s approach to recruiting talented females begins at the university level. His firm works with three sororities at two local universities to engage potential candidates for its internship program. This highly effective strategy has resulted in a tremendous source of referrals to the firm. In fact, many of its advisors and staff emerge from the internship program. “Start there (university level) because they know other people who have the same work ethic and that creates a nice center of talent,” said Kaltenbach.

While Signature Resources recruits females, the firm actively seeks good candidates in general, regardless of their gender. There are, however, several benefits to hiring women. “Women can succeed in this business,” insists Kaltenbach.

Typically, females in their mid to late twenties are more mature and empathetic, possess a stronger work ethic, and boast a better sense of fashion than their male counterparts, according to Kaltenbach. Additionally, many human resources directors are female and feel more comfortable dealing with the same sex. Therefore, female representation becomes even more valuable in building the business.

Often times, it is not a company that actively recruits an agent, but rather an individual recruiting her new place of employment. When a devastating car accident left the Wilkerson family in medical and financial distress, Julie Wilkerson left a successful career in sales and marketing to pursue new horizons. Surprised to learn that she had inadequate coverage, Wilkerson felt a personal obligation to educate others in areas where she had not been well-informed and decided that the best way to make a difference was in the insurance industry.

In the end, it was Colonial Life that was able to woo Wilkerson with its strong reputation in customer service satisfaction and vow to educate agents. However, Wilkerson did not commit to Colonial Life without first doing her homework on the supplemental insurance company. “What impressed me was the longevity of the agents who worked for Colonial Life,” said Wilkerson. “I was looking for a company that nurtured its people.”

Wilkerson’s research paid off. Colonial Life offered the ethical element Wilkerson was looking for. “The ladies room buzz is pretty telling,” said Wilkerson. “If you’re pushing up your lipstick and hear agents discussing how wonderful their year was – not just financially, but from a people standpoint – it’s rewarding. I feel honored to be in their company.”

Support: Commitment
For some agents, support refers to technology-based solutions and for others it is defined by emotional support.

Signature Resources supports its 100+ agents, 20 percent of which are female, with the proper tools to succeed. The company relies heavily on echoWealth, a web-based needs analysis program equipped with illustrated financial reports, motivating calculators and intelligent content. “It is our Wikipedia and it supports everything we do,” said Kaltenbach. “Having something at your fingertips immediately for you and your client is the single most important thing we do.”

Likewise, Wilkerson has been able to take advantage of the resources Colonial Life offers, such as a comprehensive website that answers questions ranging from the competition to specific policies; newsletters chalked full of sales techniques, product education and field agent-related anecdotes; and workshops and conferences.

While having the appropriate resources to advance your career and educate clients are necessary, other factors come into play when it comes to supporting the female agent, including integrity and the ability to balance a career and family life.

In order to build your business, you need a level of support. Additionally, you want to be sure that that level of support is coming from a reputable company. “I was not going to go snorkeling in a polluted pool,” said Wilkerson who places a very high importance on company reputation. “I can speak with passion and sincerity about the company.”

The suite of support services allows Wilkerson to be in business for herself but not by herself. From a flexibility standpoint, this career allows her to maintain a rewarding livelihood and family life. “I choose where I go, when I go and how I go,” said Wilkerson.

Like Signature Resources and Colonial Life, MassMutual is supportive of all of its agents, regardless of gender. However, the company recognizes there are certain accommodations that are attractive to female associates. “Success begets success, so one of the best ways we can attract female agents is to show them how women who come to MassMutual can establish and grow great careers,” said Spilotros. “Part of our success as an organization is attributable to the fact that we highlight and celebrate the achievements of our women advisors so that newer recruits can envision themselves in that position.”

One of the ways in which the company demonstrates this is via its recruiting website where a female agent discusses her role in her words. Additionally, the company arranges for mentor programs; hosts an annual female agent conference focusing on challenges that are unique to women; and is actively involved in groups such as Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS), an organization whose mission is to support, encourage and advance the success of women in the insurance and financial services industry.

In the end, the pay off of providing strong support manifests itself in stronger retention rates.

Retain: Keep the fire burning
It’s no secret that retention is an issue for many agencies. However, by ensuring proper support is in place, retention comes more easily. For example, one retention method comes in the form of rewards. Like policies, rewards come in all different flavors. Whether commission based, bonus plan driven, verbal recognition, or offering flexible schedules, the rules of the game have changed.

For Wilkerson, rewards can be measured qualitatively. “Hard working women don’t always get recognition and we all need a little encouragement,” said Wilkerson. “I receive such good feedback from this company and the clients I serve.”

However, others may view success quantitatively. Based on projected numbers, Signature Resources intends to retain its existing female agent base while expanding it to 30 to 40 percent in the coming years, as compared to roughly two percent a few years back.

Like Signature Resources, MassMutual has seen its female agents grow steady over the last eight years to 16%. In fact in 2007, women comprised 21% of the company’s recruiting classes, a leading indicator of future growth of female agents within MassMutual. The company anticipates additional growth as it begins new initiatives to more effectively target women of all ethnicities and successfully transition them into a career. “To compete as a company in the future, we need to be able to serve the fast-growing market of women consumers, and need talented people – both men and women – to accomplish that,” said Spilotros. “The more we can attract, retain and help succeed, the better off our company will be.”

Like any relationship, females require excessive courting and attentive support. If not, divorce court could be right around the corner.