Female Creative Energy – Freedom

How free are you?

Before you answer this, I’ll give a little hint. The definition of autonomous is self-governing power. If we have spiritual autonomy, we are free to cultivate and govern our own spiritual power within us, which means we are incredible self-sustaining and ever-evolving, autonomous human forms.

It may take a while to re-member ourselves, to recall that we are strong enough to suffer and embrace, consciously or not, a spiritual healing and rebirth through our bodies during this part of our female life cycle.

Sometimes these spiritual healings manifest through interesting thoughts or ideas, a change of mind and outlook; these healings come as spiritual attunements and sometimes as a result of self-expression, formerly unexplored emotions that finally release; or, through physical adjustments and new demands, like stress, on our bodies.

One ignites the next and accelerates another. They all perpetuate one another. However they appear, they are often misunderstood, even by we who give birth to them; we who tend to judge these experiences as challenging or abnormal. We habitually suppress it or apply derogatory names, making the negative aspects more real than needs be.

Water, Fire, Balance

There are ways to channel this unused creative energy that would otherwise be potentially leaked during a sexual interaction, inappropriately projected onto a friend, or even overly dramatized and then internalized. There are ways to channel it all into positive, pleasurable experiences.

Here is a Taoist principle I learned on retreat in Sedona about whether or not we are ready and mature enough for a sexual relationship. I see its philosophy as an umbrella for our relationships with all people, our spirits and our souls. It goes something like this:

If you are already too full, you have no space for a sacred experience co-mingling sexual energies with another person. If you are too empty, you will have compulsive sexual desires, always looking to fill yourself up. It is only when you are half full that you can have a sacred and fulfilling sexual experience with another human being.

In Five Element Theory, we have three types of Chi available to the human body: 1) the life force with which we are born; 2) that which we accumulate from food and breathing the air around us; and 3) the energy we derive from our sacred spiritual practices: breathing, meditation and other methods of concentrated focus.

In other words, with conscious practice we can cultivate our creative sexual energies for other purposes and different creative projects. In fact, sexual and primary, original energies are considered the same in the context of Taoist principles. There is a sacred practice called the Microcosmic Orbit which channels the sexual energies into a balance of masculine and feminine inside both male and female bodies. This is the Universal principle of Yin and Yang balance.

It all begins with sperm and eggs. Even as the gender of a fetus is uncovered in the womb, we are still undifferentiated until well after birth. We come in with, and we never lose, this primordial balance of both masculine and feminine energies. We may use them in imbalanced ways, or use one more than the other depending upon circumstances and survival, yet the principle remains, however buried within. At its essence, this sexual energy can be transmuted into spiritual evolution and enlightenment.

Just because a woman is beyond reproductive age, doesn’t mean she has no creative juice. In fact, because it is stored in such great quantity, this sexual energy may more compelled to travel upward from the ovaries into the head. The Microcosmic Orbit will take this natural motility and propel it more rapidly to its destination.

This may be the proof in the original statement about middle-aged women being more poised for enlightenment than anyone else. With intentional visualization and breath, the abundance of these natural forces of creativity are inspired to circulate freely throughout our bodies.

Are you with me with this next idea? I say there is enough energy to both heal and light the golden flame of every single spiritual intention on this planet right now, with all the fire we create individually and so many menopausal women doing it collectively.

Think about it.

Female Creative Energy Practice II

Experience Chi flow with the Microcosmic Orbit. This is my interpretation and slightly modified from what I learned.

Sit in a comfortable, meditative posture and visualize the channel which begins in the tongue and runs down the front of your body through the throat, chest and navel. It then travels up the tailbone through the spine into your head.

Next, feel or see the energy of water moving up the back channels and the energy of fire moving down the front channels away from the head into your digestive organs. Play with this and just notice your experience; you might even record it daily for a week, or more. If you do have a romantic relationship, try the “orbit” in this context as well, noticing what is created here!

Later try practicing the “orbit” with your tongue on the roof of your mouth behind the top teeth. Then, try it with the “Oval” exercise simultaneously. Each one of these exercises can potentially decrease stress levels and is capable of creating better health, more balance and natural rhythm in your life.

Have fun with all this. Whether or not you have an active and regular sex life, you can cultivate spiritually transformative energies by being conscious about your breath, visualizing the channels through which it moves, and knowing it is simply, and yet magnificently, Chi in there! Remember too, sexual energy is primary and original energy which is creative energy and is cultivated in the ovaries (for men in the testes).

So now, how free are you?