The Good Wife – Which Female Character Best Describes Your Abilities at Self-Promotion?

I recently saw a posting on a well-known social media site regarding female self-promotion. As I read through the numerous comments by the various readers, it brought to mind the 2 top female characters on The Good Wife.

1. When Alicia Florrick was first seeking a job with a law firm, she appeared shy and lacking in confidence because she had been out of the workforce for a number of years. And, she was turned down by all the firms where she had applied except for Lockhart/Gardner. When she was hired by that firm, her abilities were questioned by all (even Will Gardner, the managing partner who hired her). However, Will had attended law school with Alicia, knew that she had graduated top of her class, and, was willing to take a chance on her. In that first season, Alicia did not project confidence. You could see it in the way she walked and talked. Her lack of assurance did not lend credibility to her professional abilities. While she had the education, her experience was minimal. Why was she hired? Because Will knew her, liked her, and was hoping for some extra-curricular activity.

2. We then have Diane Lockhart who carries herself with assurance and class. Diane is the other managing partner in the Lockhart/Gardner law firm (until most recently). This woman would have no problem asking for a raise and getting it because she has always placed herself on equal footing with her male colleagues. Her voice is by no means demanding but it is commanding. When Diane speaks, you listen.

Were you to compare yourself – your voice and your presence – to these 2 women, which character would you most closely identify yourself with? A woman who is shy and/or lacking in confidence or a woman who has always considered herself an equal?

If you are soft-spoken, for example, you will not get the promotion or the raise unless you can speak with enough volume to be heard the first time you say it. On the other hand, perhaps you are 40 and sound like a 15-year-old. A childlike voice projects neither confidence nor ability.

The better character with which to identify would be Diane. This woman is sure of herself. She looks and sounds confident and is not threatened by anyone. Her presence exudes this assuredness.

What does your voice say about you and your ability in promoting yourself? If you’re not sure, video-record yourself in a mock interview and study the playback. Then you will know what you need to work on.